We take pride in our facilities!

Abitt Like Home Kennels is everything that the name implies and more. With a rustic country setting, miles from the nearest highway and well outside of town your pet can enjoy a stress-free stay with all of the luxuries that they are used to having. If you can't take your cat with you, you can rest assured that we are as passionate about our love for animals as you are for your pet. Our facilities are the highest of boarding standards and have a full-time staff 24 hours to handle your pet's needs.


Here are some of the things you'll find at Abitt Like Home Kennels:

  • Custom pet care! Abitt Like Home Kennels meets every cat's individual specific needs from special diets to medical care.
  • Daily care provided directly by the owners or in conjunction with staff.
  • Your pet will enjoy being welcomed by a familiar face visit after visit.
  • Bright, open room.
  • Clean, comfortable, secure, heated individual kennels.
  • Window perches for your cat to look out and watch the activities of country life.
  • Large jungle gym to climb, scratch, and play on.
  • Fireplace to cozy up and snooze beside.
  • Individual sleeping and feeding towers.
  • Pets are welcome to bring their own bed and toys.
  • Exercise can be group playtime or individual. You decide and our staff will accommodate your request.
  • Medication can be administered at no extra cost.
  • 24 hour supervision.
  • Emergency vet care on call.
  • Heated in winter/cool in summer.
  • Pick up and delivery available. Please ask for details.


1 Cat:$15.00 per day
2 Cats :$25.00 per day

If you are boarding more than two cats please ask for a special quote.

Required Vaccinations:

We need proof of vaccination for distemper and rabies for all cats left in our care.


You are welcome to stop by for a visit and a tour of our place at any time during business hours between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. seven days a week, an appointment is not needed.

Contact us to arrange your pet’s next visit.