Summer brings fun in the sun and warmer temperatures. During the hot summer months, it’s important to remember that we also need to take extra precautions for our pets. Here are a few safety tips to ensure your furry friend is kept safe and comfortable in hot weather conditions.

Don’t Leave Your Pet In The Vehicle On A Hot Day

While you enjoy having your four-legged companion along with you for the ride, you need to take extra precautions when keeping your pet in the vehicle. Heat can accumulate in a closed car on a hot day so it doesn’t take very long for a pet to develop heat stroke, and even with the windows open a few inches, cars can still heat up far too quickly and could lead to overheating of your pet and possible suffocation.

Do your best to plan accordingly and leave your pet at home when you need to head out or plan for pet-friendly stopovers when your pet is with you.

Plenty of Water and Shade

Pets can get dehydrated or get heat stroke very quickly so ensure your fur baby has plenty of water and access to shade throughout the day.

Beware of Hot Pavement

The temperature of the sidewalk or asphalt can heat up pretty quickly. If the pavement is too hot for your feet – chances are it is too hot for your pet’s paws. Consider morning and evening walks and outings when it’s a bit cooler.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks are more active in hot weather and our pets can develop skin reactions such as itching, redness or dryness due to these parasites. Using flea and tick control products can help protect your pet from pests that proliferate in this season.

Warm Weather Haircut

If your pet has a thicker coat – give them the gift of grooming. A shorter coat will help keep them much cooler during hot weather conditions.

Contact us to set up a grooming appointment.

Pets can also get sunburned so talk to your veterinarian about sunscreen as an option when the temperature rises.

Our pets rely on us to protect them when the weather is hot. Remember, if it’s too hot outside for you, it’s even hotter for your pet.


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