An active dog being stuck inside with limited time outside due to freezing cold temperatures could quickly become a bored and restless dog.

While some dogs are born to live in the winter elements, many are not, and your dog can get cabin fever very quickly during cold snaps. Here are a few activity ideas to keep your furry friend entertained indoors.

Hidden Treasures

Hide dog treats around your home for a fun hidden treasure adventure. Your dog will surely enjoy playing detective while searching for the next treat to snack on.


While your dog is stuck indoors, it’s the perfect time to work on basic training such as sit, lay down or even teaching them a couple of fun new tricks, like rolling over and high-fives.

Games and Toys

Simple games such as fetch with your dog’s favourite toy or ball can easily keep them occupied for some time while providing an enjoyable bonding experience for you and your dog.

Schedule Pup Playdates

Schedule indoor playdates with the pets of your neighbours or family members. Ensure both pets play well together before sending out the invitation or you could end up with an indoor pup UFC match.

Basic Grooming

Regular grooming care is essential to your pet’s health and well-being. Days with limited outdoor time are perfect to do some basic grooming for your furry friend and some dogs actually enjoy being brushed and even taking baths. You can also contact us to book a full grooming appointment.

Cuddle Time

Cuddle time with you is always the best when there’s nothing much to do. Cuddling is one way in which our dogs strengthen their bond with you.


Helping your dog to avoid becoming stir-crazy by keeping them occupied with some of these activities will make those indoor days a lot more fun for both your dog and you.


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