Planning a vacation or travel adventure can be exciting but when you can’t take your pet with you – making arrangements for your pet stay while you’re away can be a little daunting. If you’re going on vacation and boarding your pet with us, here are a few ways you can be better prepared for your pet’s stay and help make the experience better for you and your furry friend.

Vaccinate Early

At Abitt Like Home Kennels, our priority is the safety and happiness of all of our guests – we ask that you please bring your pet’s up-to-date vaccination records as current vaccination records are required for your pet to stay with us. We require the following vaccinations to be current: Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, and Bordetella for kennel cough.

Tip: Plan ahead and vaccinate your pet early to avoid having to schedule a last minute vet appointment before leaving on vacation.


If your pet is on medication, it’s important to supply a clearly labeled container with your pet’s name, dosage requirements and detailed instructions when you book your pet in.


Bring your pet’s raw/frozen/freeze dried food pre-packaged or in an airtight container. Ensure your container is labeled with your pet’s name and feeding instructions.

Tip: Pack enough food during your pet’s stay and maybe a little extra in case you are delayed from picking up your pet.


Bringing your pet’s favorite treats is a great way to provide them with some extra happiness while they are away from home. Just let us know when and how much you would like us to give them.

Comforts of Home

We want your pet to feel comfortable when they stay with us. We encourage you to bring something from home that will help them feel more at home. Your pet’s bed, blanket, and their favourite toys are all welcome and will also help provide a sense of comfort and ease for your pet.


During your pet’s stay, you may also want to give them a little pampering. When booking your furry friend in with us, feel free to inquire about available appointments for our grooming services.

We understand how important your pet is and we ensure they are ѕаfе and hарру during their stay with us. Our staff form close relationships with all of our guests and we make sure to know your pet’s daily routine as we take care of each fur baby as if they are our own.

Your pets are your family and we want you to have a peace of mind when you are on vacation that your furry friends are also enjoying their own vacation with us at Abitt Like Home Kennels.

4 Reasons to Choose Abitt Like Home Kennels for Your Pet’s Next Visit.

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